This page strolls through the way toward utilizing Voyant for advanced content mining. Find here a connection to our whole corpus of rampant promotions transferred into a Voyant skin.


Advanced content mining instruments can enable specialists to comprehend report accumulations that are restrictively huge for a nearby perusing. Our gathering of out of control slave ads from Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi adds up to more than 2,500 individual advertisements! In addition to the fact that it would be greatly tedious to peruse this whole gathering, the reliably short, standard organization of out of control promotions can make it hard to truly recognize them. The promotions from Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi begin to all look for all intents and purposes undefined, making it troublesome for close-perusing alone to perceive design breaks between the states, without the help of computational information. This is the place Voyant comes in. We trusted that the “far off perusing” capacities of Voyant would have the capacity to get on bigger word utilization inclines that are not promptly obvious when perusing with the human eye.

Also, as we read through our underlying gathering of Texas runaway advertisements, it turned out to be evident that these promotions reveal to us minimal about the points of view of rampant slaves themselves. Data about the slave is constantly sifted through the frames of mind and convictions of the slaveholder. Working inside the constraints of this class of essential source, we turned out to be progressively keen on breaking down the dialect of the slaveholders. In what kind of talk on subjugation were these endorsers drawn in, and were there any distinctions crosswise over state lines? Crosswise over time? Voyant’s proficient “perusing” aptitudes and representation capacities make it simple to instantly spot contrasts between different corpuses or patterns crosswise over one corpus. As understudies who have essentially worked with close-perusing previously, advanced content mining apparatuses, for example, Voyant offer another edge of investigation into a content.


Voyant is a free, online content investigation program. Its instruments enable you to produce a word billow of most continuous words, create diagrams of word recurrence over the corpus, and look at various archives. When you have a content transferred, you can play around inside the Voyant “skin”, opening and shutting distinctive instruments, or tapping on a specific word to see patterns for that word explicitly. It’s likewise conceivable to create a connection to the skin that would then be able to be shared or implanted into a page, enabling others to investigate the information all alone.

When we had cleaned and arranged our accumulation of promotions for investigation, utilizing Voyant was exceptionally clear. The Voyant stage is perfect with an extensive variety of report designs, including plain content, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF, and MS Word. Once in the Voyant skin, it is anything but difficult to play around with apparatuses all the while. Choosing a word in the “Rundown” device, for instance, will naturally pull it up in the “Word Trends” device. The “Words in the Entire Corpus” instrument enables you to effortlessly inquiry and store catchphrases into a gathering of top choices. Choosing various words in “Words in the Entire Corpus” enables you to break down them next to each other.

All state ads uploaded into the Voyant skin

There are certain decisions that have to be made before even uploading your documents into Voyant. Throughout the digital reading process, one of our primary questions has been how to split the corpus of ads. For example, uploading a single document of all ads from a single state is useful for looking at language data in aggregate for a single state. This screenshot shows the word “negro” selected from all the Texas ads uploaded as one document.

All Texas ads uploaded into the Voyant skin

One favorable position of Voyant is that it breaks down relative frequencies, not simply crude word checks, so as to alter for irregular characteristics in archive length. A couple of helpful hints for utilizing Voyant: To apply stop words, tap on the torque symbol in the upper right-hand corner to pick a pre-made rundown, or include your own. Stop words are basic “filler” words, for example, articles, relational words, pronouns, and conjunctions. Sifting through stop words before dissecting a content will evacuate visit yet uninteresting words, for example, “the”. To spare a url to the current Voyant skin, make a HTML connect to install, or download a picture, tap on the floppy symbol.

Find here a rundown of all Voyant devices, including some which are not pre-stacked into the fundamental Voyant skin. For an instructional exercise on the best way to contrast one Voyant skin corpus with a different Voyant skin corpus, visit this post from Brian Croxall.

Using Voyant for Text Analysis

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